Wednesday, January 13

Week 2, Lesson 1

Even though we are already eating into the second week of Trimester 1, today was our first lesson for Introduction to Public Relations. Better late then never right?

The highlight of the today's lesson was one of the many short video clips that Ms. Tanya Wilson showed to the class. An inspiring and moving video if you'd ask me.I found it interesting how a small idea could emerge into an important campaign that could change the world. It's pleasing to see how 22 millions people have come together to make it work out. With every cup of tap water purchased, in countries that serve free tap water, the money is raised to quench the thirst of a child for 40 days. After watching the video, there was a moment of enthusiasm to be part of this campaign. I feel that Singapore should start or join this campaign! They should stop charging consumers for tap water for the benefits of a restaurant's profit but use that money earned for a good cause. As the saying goes "A little kindness goes a long way."

So here is the link. Do spare a minute or two to catch it.

I enjoyed the first lesson, can't wait to attend the next!

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  1. I agree with you. The video( The Tap Project) is very inspiring and I too got the urge to participate in the campaign. It is quite saddening that Singapore is not one of the few that is contributing to the project.

    What I felt inspired about was that DROGA5 came up with a simple concept that could make major changes to the lives of those who face dangers of water poisoning.

    "No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another."- AMELIA EARHART
    With just one dollar, we can save a child in need. I wish more people out there can participate in this little act of kindness and let this act create a ripple with no end.