Thursday, January 28

Week 4 ( 28 Jan )


For this week, after reading chapter 11 on Engaging with the media, what struck me the most was the section on the
Useful theories of communication, page 301. Personally, the 6 various theories that have been given in the book is very crucial as each theory is essential in all the modules that I have done or is or will be going through during my time here as a public-relations and journalist student in the making.

With each theory given, it provides an upper hand on how to deliver my news to the public be it now or in the future. One of the many theories is Framing theory. To most of us, Framing theory is not something new to us. We learnt it in the previous semester where we had to do an essay on Media Framing.

I found the whole concept of Media Framing very intriguing on how they change the idea with the choice of language and illustrations to describe an event. I believe that most things are being framed by the media. An example would be the models in America's Next Top Model.

By taking a glance at the image of tall and thin girls manipulate the minds of the younger generation. Media Framing can be harmful to the public.

Another theory is Spiral of silence theory.There was a question raised which I thought I would answer it with my own opinion.
" If the media gives the impression that most people are in agreement with a course of action, will people be less willing to say
what they really think?"

In my opinion, the first part of the question already indicates that perhaps media framing was involved in this decision making process. Where do these people get this " impression" from? The media or their own surrounding? This would obviously influence them to be on their side.

Ok, back on track to the question.
Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that people will definitely be less willing to say what they really think. Majority will follow the winning or stronger side as they want to feel accepted by their own kind. It would also be a case of being influenced by the media or their surrounding to choose the stronger side as it is the 'right' decision. As for me, I feel that many people fall into this trap of "going with the flow". Half of these people who make their decision without thinking carefully or having their own say tend to. I call them the followers or no brainers. Those people who cannot make their own decision with their own two feet.

But then again, its only to a certain extent,we choose these decision so that have a peaceful living. I feel that we should have the courage to speak and stand out for own.

And its true enough! These actions are being portrayed because of peer pressure or keenness to adopt a consensus view. Its human nature to feel wanted and be part of the winning team. People like to win and not lose. Plus, people go along with what is perceived to be majority thinking for the sake of peace within the group, because they do not want to stand out as being different, or to embarrass themselves. [McLean and Philips, pg 301-302]

In conclusion, each theory of communication works hand in hand with each other. Together with all the theories put together makes a news worthy to be published in the newspaper.

Tuesday, January 26

Week 3 (20 January)

Chapter 4 - Public Relations Ethics

Strategy and tactic, 2 words which seem to have a very close explanation, was the main highlight of the lecture. These 2 words always knock me down because I could never quite distinguish the difference in them. After the lecture, I could roughly have a clearer picture of the difference, I think.


- A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.


- An action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.

The more I look at the explanations, the more confused I get. ( Sorry, I'm a slow learner). Do correct me if I'm wrong. As said above, Strategy is a plan. I'm guessing its the big picture of the main idea. For example, Starbuck's strategy is to beat its competitors in bringing in great coffee options to consumers

As for tactic, defined as an action, its the small details. For example, Starbucks making their very own coffee specially made by them which cannot be found else where.

Am I on the right track?

Another statement which struck me during the lecture was this question that was posted on the lecture notes.

Have you ever thought "if i do this, then this could happen but if I did that, then something else cold result"?

To me, this question is very familiar. I always have second thoughts without a doubt. I'm very sure without asking anyone, I can truthfully say everyone has been in this position more than once. We are torn between 2 decisions - normally between the "right" and "wrong" decisions.

Lets picture a scenario - Shopping for a new dress

We stumble upon a gorgeous dress that cost a bomb but looks exceptionally good on you. You try it on and you fall in love with it instantly. But now is the hard part, should you get it or put it back on the rack?

1. We can either buy it and have no more money after. or 2. Walk away without the dress and hopefully find another dress which is cheaper and as gorgeous.

In our daily life, we always have to decide how we want our future to be unfold. We are captain of our own ship.

Wednesday, January 13

Week 2, Lesson 1

Even though we are already eating into the second week of Trimester 1, today was our first lesson for Introduction to Public Relations. Better late then never right?

The highlight of the today's lesson was one of the many short video clips that Ms. Tanya Wilson showed to the class. An inspiring and moving video if you'd ask me.I found it interesting how a small idea could emerge into an important campaign that could change the world. It's pleasing to see how 22 millions people have come together to make it work out. With every cup of tap water purchased, in countries that serve free tap water, the money is raised to quench the thirst of a child for 40 days. After watching the video, there was a moment of enthusiasm to be part of this campaign. I feel that Singapore should start or join this campaign! They should stop charging consumers for tap water for the benefits of a restaurant's profit but use that money earned for a good cause. As the saying goes "A little kindness goes a long way."

So here is the link. Do spare a minute or two to catch it.

I enjoyed the first lesson, can't wait to attend the next!