Tuesday, January 26

Week 3 (20 January)

Chapter 4 - Public Relations Ethics

Strategy and tactic, 2 words which seem to have a very close explanation, was the main highlight of the lecture. These 2 words always knock me down because I could never quite distinguish the difference in them. After the lecture, I could roughly have a clearer picture of the difference, I think.


- A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.


- An action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.

The more I look at the explanations, the more confused I get. ( Sorry, I'm a slow learner). Do correct me if I'm wrong. As said above, Strategy is a plan. I'm guessing its the big picture of the main idea. For example, Starbuck's strategy is to beat its competitors in bringing in great coffee options to consumers

As for tactic, defined as an action, its the small details. For example, Starbucks making their very own coffee specially made by them which cannot be found else where.

Am I on the right track?

Another statement which struck me during the lecture was this question that was posted on the lecture notes.

Have you ever thought "if i do this, then this could happen but if I did that, then something else cold result"?

To me, this question is very familiar. I always have second thoughts without a doubt. I'm very sure without asking anyone, I can truthfully say everyone has been in this position more than once. We are torn between 2 decisions - normally between the "right" and "wrong" decisions.

Lets picture a scenario - Shopping for a new dress

We stumble upon a gorgeous dress that cost a bomb but looks exceptionally good on you. You try it on and you fall in love with it instantly. But now is the hard part, should you get it or put it back on the rack?

1. We can either buy it and have no more money after. or 2. Walk away without the dress and hopefully find another dress which is cheaper and as gorgeous.

In our daily life, we always have to decide how we want our future to be unfold. We are captain of our own ship.

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  1. I wish i could agree to your notion that "if i do this, then this could happen but if I did that, then something else could result"?

    In my opinion, if we have to always think if I did this, this would happen, if I did that, that would happen. By the time we consider all our factors, we might actually miss the opportunity.

    Using the same scenario, shopping for a new dress.
    if we spent time walking up and down thinking if we should get the dress or not, meanwhile someone could buy the dress away and in worst cases, it could be the last piece.

    As the saying goes, opportunities don't always knock twice. In the working world, if we were to get a job offer and we keep thinking about this and that, the job could have just land into someone else's hands. In some cases, we are often not spoilt for choices and if we don't pounce on the opportunity, we might loose it.

    in short we do not always have to rationalize everything aspect.