Friday, March 19


This is the last week for our PR blogging. This will be the last time hearing from me.

Don't miss me too much.


For me, the highlight of this chapter zoomed in on " What makes public relations important". To me, I find that language has to be the most important factor in a Public relations practitioner. Everything start with communication thus we should learn all sorts of languages ( if it was that easy) As I believe that language can be a barrier especially in our own school since we are studying in a school filled with international students. An example would be in Singapore, even though English is the prime language there are other people who converse in other languages also - Chinese, Malay, Tamil & others. As a PR we need to able to converse in more than 1 language just so we will be able to reach out to more people especially to the older crowd. Some of the older people might not speak english so its essential as a PR, this is what I feel. I guess Asia and West will both suffer the language barrier.

PR practitioners who want to reach out to those people in the different countries have to keep in mind that they have to be aware of the language and culture of each country as it varies.

Overall, after weeks of blogging about PR I can say that I've learnt more than a thing or two. Infact I hope after reading all these chapter I will help me excel in the future. Maybe come the next Robert Dilenschneide?

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  1. hi laura~

    hahas! i guess in singapore even though we speak in different mother tongue, there's one trick that is pretty useful on the people - freebies!

    and well, may your wish come true (the last sentence of your blog), good luck!