Monday, February 22



From the Chapter 7 of Public Relations Management in organisations, a key point I took from the reading focuses on internal relations which revolves around sustaining a good relationship with your co-workers in the company. I was interested in reading more about this section as It would be a great chance for me know how to maintain a good relation with people I'm going to work with. As mentioned by Center et al (2008), Employees are important and satisfactory employee-employer relationships lead to higher productivity, fever errors and work stoppages, and less absenteeism.

Having a good relation with your workers or team member works not only in the company, even when students are working on a project. We do need to be on the same level as each other. We will be able to work together. This is where Organizational Behaviour (OB), a module we learnt last semester, comes in hand.

But definitely there will be issues that will bring a company down or falter which is explained on paged 212. An example would be through grapevine - an information transmission of information, gossip or rumours from person to person. Gossip and rumours have become something common in the real life. The reading shows us how having these channels of communication can destructive.

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  1. I feel that when it comes to group work, members must learn how to give and take but also not take your group mates for granted. Like this, the group will be able to work in peace and thus be more productive. We should be also be more open with our knowledge. Share and teach each other if any difficulties come along. I think these are important to make a conducive environment for group work.