Wednesday, February 10



Once we graduate from this course, we will definitely be on the scout for a job or some might continue their education path. Regardless the decision made, we will need to get a job in the near future. Thus on page 164 onwards in Chapter 6, will truly benefit each of us in many ways. It fill in the missing gaps of our knowledge regarding our future occupations. In addition it provides us information about the different types of roles a Public Relation Practitioners will be engaged.

I would like to highlight this paragraph from the chapter which I find interesting and important for each student in Bachelor of Communications.

" At the entry level, the corporate sector is looking for a formal qualification in public relations, good written and verbal interpersonal communication skills, graphic design, and computer literacy, including the ability to produce PowerPoint presentations. The career progression might then be into a specialist public relations position with some management responsibility in that specific area. The person in this position needs to demonstrate that they can produce annual activity plans and achieve successful outcomes inline with those plans. This person would also have a helicopter view that enables them to understand the context and operation environment."

After reading this section from the chapter, It creates an awareness of why we are learning Journalism, Media Productions and Audience Studies during this semester. All the subjects have a purpose and is interlinked with each other. With this, it helps to deepen the understanding of how a Public Relations practitioner has to be in the future thus this encourages and motives people to work harder for their goals. This helps individuals to prepare and strengthen themselves for the job they have a desire to take up.

In actual fact, the whole portion on public relations role in different types of organizations outlines the differences between each organizations as well as informs us about the different type of jobs we will be facing in the coming time. Personally, I have opened my mindset about being a PR.

In relation to the earlier chapter on the organizations, Chapter 6 calls attention to the challenges and pressures we will definitely face. I'm not going to jot down all the challenges but I'll just like to mention how it has allowed me to fully understand the job and the potential challenges i might face. It helps us to be aware of the possibilities. We will not be alarmed if it ever happens to us.

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  1. I believe that theory only helps us to understand what we are doing better. I feel that practice on the job makes one learn better. Like they say, if you listen you forget, if you see you remember and if you do you understand.